Dr. Greeshma Gopinath


Best Gynecologist Surgeon in Khammam


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  • Sunday
  • 10:00 am to 08:00 pm
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Professional Summary

Patient-focused Gynecologist with dedication to patient education and quality care. Builds rapport with patients to foster trusting and effective care environment. Well-versed in maintaining detailed medical records to facilitate care plan development.Compassionate with hospital and private practice experience. Adept at closely monitoring patient vitals and comfort levels throughout various procedures. Committed to thorough patient education and creating innovative and effective treatment plans.

OBGYN Procedures

  • Conducted 1000+ vaginal deliveries , 100+ vacuum assisted vaginal deliveries , 300+ Caesarean sections.
  • Performed 400+ sterilisation procedures including postpartum procedures, laparoscopic tubal ligation.
  • Performed 100+ Total Abdominal Hysterectomies.
  • Performed and assisted many vaginal hysterectomies, LAVH
  • Performed 100+ Ovarian tumours and cancer evaluation
  • Performed pelvic floor repair surgeries
  • Performed Diagnostic laparoscopy.
  • Infertility evaluation - medical and surgical management of PCOD , male and female factor infertility work up, ovulation induction and IUI
  • Cosmetic gynecology - vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty.
  • Hormone replacement therapy 10. Post menopausal syndrome evaluation and individualised treatment.
  • Minor procedures : Dilatation and curettage , fractional curettage, endometrial aspiration and biopsy , cervical biopsy, dilatation and evacuation, IUCD insertion and removal, Hysterosalpingography, cervical cancer screening and evaluation


  • High risk pregnancy
  • Vast expertise in performing
  • Expertise in infertility – medical
  • Preventive care expert
  • Excellent patient and family counselling
  • Decision making under pressure management
  • Emergency care specialist
  • Adept in handling equipment gynecological surgeries and instruments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and surgical management.


  • Diplomate certificate for endoscopy and hysteroscopy.
  • ESH 08/2015 to 12/2015
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago I Chicago, Illinois
    • Carried out day-day-day duties accurately and efficiently.
    • Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
    • Trained in the department Cardio thoracic surgery, neurosurgery.
    • Trained to perform scarless surgeries.